Leadership Interview Questions

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“What were the last five sales-related learning tools that you either read, listened to, or attended?”

“What is your definition of a leader”

“Do you like people from the city?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“Paraphrasing: Describe a situation where you observed things going off the rails on a project and you chose not to take action. What happened, and why did you make that choice?”

“What would I do if an issue come to light with a co-worker?”

“It was more how the interviewee asked me. She called my name unexpectedly in a low volume while talking to another individual and I couldn't believe she was talking to me. The person she was…”

“Never asked if looking for long term, expected a short term Job!”

“It was a case question on a cultural issue a firm was having.”

“Describe your consultative Sales approach”

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