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“Describe a time you failed.”

“What aspect of my previous job did I like best.”

“Instead of presenting to ten senior leaders, there were three. I had asked before coming whether or not the situation was "real." I was told it was not. At the meeting it turned out to be an...”

“Nothing really all that hard. I signed an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) so I can not give specifics. I was well prepared and I also contacted the team member who I had a phone interview with, and...”

“Tell me what you know about Common Core.”

“Tell me about yourself; why TJX, etc. Heavy focus on team work”

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“What situation have you been in that you failed? How did you deal with it?”

“The 3rd party vendor contacted Modis before I left the building and a job offer was on the table less then an hour after the interview, would I be willing to accept on the spot?”

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