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“Are you a computer wiz?”

“Who are the rhetorical theorists you most admire and have based your work on?”

“I was asked how I handle difficult material in my classes. Since I teach mostly freshman-level general education classes, I struggled to identify "difficult" material.”

“What courses would you create in the future?”

“None of them were hard. Mostly they discussed my prior teaching experience and teaching interests because I had not taught before. I was hired ABD which is a big trend in our division.”

“tell something about your research”

“something about your plan”

Lecturer at UC Irvine

Jul 18, 2014

“Give me examples of how you will teach your material.”

“None really, I felt very at ease and was made comfortable. The hardest question was what would I do if I had a disruptive violent student. How would I handle it.”

“How do you handle Diversity?”

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