Legal Analyst Interview Questions

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“What different considerations would you take when deciding to invest abroad, rather than in the states?”

“How do you feel about Oracle.”

“To be sure that the talent recruiter will keep the interview time with you.”

“What do we do if the 'introducer' in a foreign deal expects a certain amount of money from GS for making the connection?”

“Oddly enough, the hardest question for me to answer was: "Give me an example of when you have to solve a problem, what process you used to solve the problem, and what the outcome was."”

“There were not any unexpected questions, my biggest mistake was not remembering names of people I'd met thus far. Pay CLOSE attention to the names of everyone you meet from the time you enter the…”

“I prepared for the toughest questions. I didn't get any.”

“All questions based on personality, skill and interest in law and finance.”

“Are you planning to go to law school?”

“Tell me about a specific time you organized a project”

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