Legal Counsel Interview Questions

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“Questions were not soft-ball and required on the spot analysis in some cases. I got hypotheticals from multiple interviewers and was asked to analyze them. The people were nice but they weren't just…”

Legal Counsel at Barco

Sep 19, 2012

“Questions were very standard.”

“"Who are you and who are you here to see?" This is the only interview question I got, and it came from Spotify reception staff.”

“Describe a work scenario when you made the wrong decision - but it turned out OK.”

“Tell me of a time when you worked as part of a team where there was conflict between the team members and the result was not what you wanted.”

“Interview was not difficult - discussions proceeded like a friendly conversation. Paying for travel was unexpected, but understood because they were not entirely interested in relocating candidates…”

“Who are your heroes and what makes them your heroes?”

“The process is behavioral based so you will be asked to respond to various hypothetical situations.”

Legal Counsel at HGST

Dec 16, 2012

“Asked why I would give up my current practice to work in-house? It was difficult to answer because after some of the interviewers description of the management, I honestly didn't.”

“The questioned concerned what laws/regulations from outside the U.S. applied to a given scenario, and based on those applicable laws/regulations what provisions/clauses needed to be included in a…”

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