Legal Intern Interview Questions

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“Why are you interested in being a federal public defender?”

Legal Intern at Adobe

Jun 8, 2010

“Do you have any questions?”

Legal Intern at Viacom

Mar 15, 2014

“Just personal questions: why did you pick your major/minor? what courses are your favorite? (questions were obviously not rewritten with law school in mind) What accomplishment are you most proud of…”

“None. Just be prepared to deal with various types of clients, most are unaware of the available options out there for applying towards citizenship.”

“There were not any unexpected or difficult questions.”

Legal Intern at CDAA

Jun 30, 2013

“Nothing they asked me was out of the ordinary”

“Despite being at the conversation level of Spanish knowledge, conversations in a second language over the phone can be much more difficult.”

“The questions themselves were not difficult nor unexpected. In fact, they were quite generic. However, a word to the wise. Do not, and I repeat, do not, answer these generic questions with the…”

“Nothing unexpected, pretty generic interview.”

“How to calculate weighted cost of capital”

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