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“What is your expectations regarding compensation.”

“Nothing diff just want specifics on how hour skills match what their seeking. I was asked how fast I type and I was told the pay $12-$13/hr . I highlight some of my strengths.”

“She asked if I had any experience with Deferred Action, which recently came out. I didn't have any experience with it, as the forms for it had just come out and nobody really knows the procedures yet…”

“The most difficult question was whether I would go back into Psychology or not.”

“Do you have a problem getting lunch for the office?”

“How would you handle a situation where a contractor was doing your job and was not hired in perm and you were?”

EA at Bickel & Brewer

Mar 21, 2013

“Why do you want this job? Are you sure you want this job considering how consuming it is?”

“None really. Talk about the company, things you know, ask about it. They like to talk about it. Probably, the ususal, what was the most difficult task you had to perform/your fault.”

“Why have you had so many jobs in the past?”

“No difficult questions. The strategy is just to allow you to present yourself and your experience and then they interject with questions that go into more details about your background. Specific…”

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