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“why would I apply for a legal position when I had no legal experience?”

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“Are you sure your GPA is over 3.0? Because we get a lot of people and find out later they don't have even the 3.0.”

“What experience do you have for the position?”

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“Specific question regarding specific specialty.”

“What is the most difficult thing you do at your present job.”

“Describe a time when you failed at something, or didn't meet a deadline.”

“Was asked a very specific question about how I would handle a specific situation. Do not want to disclose specifics, but the question was, if X and Y, what process would you apply?”

“None really. Talk about the company, things you know, ask about it. They like to talk about it. Probably, the ususal, what was the most difficult task you had to perform/your fault.”

“Why are you leaving your current employer?”

“Because I had prepared, I didn't experience a particularly difficult question. Each interviewer asked me to tell about a time when I was unsuccessful in accomplishing a task, what happened, how it…”

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