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“What is something you feel is important?”

“What was something you did not like about your last job?”

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“If we undertake a campaign to contact our 30 day overdue group of customers, what is our overall probability of success given the following probabilities:
50% chance of having their e-mail on file…”

“What interest did you have before being contacted by Westlake Financial Services in Auto Loans?”

“Sell me an invisible Pen”

“"What in this company interest's you."”

“A few years ago, Sprint decided that they will make phone calls from cellphone-cellphone free! There is a legend that a guy who was 20 years old by that time decided to call every single cellphone in…”

“How do you build a wall?”

“Deep dive into your resume/history.”

Engineer at Navistar

Jul 2, 2014

“Interviewer asked me a questions that related to certain database and program that was not specific to my position and was hounding me as to why i didn't know how to use it and belittled me.”

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