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Analyst at Capital One

Feb 17, 2010

“Ice cream is sold for $5.00/gallon, it costs $1.00/ gallon, it has a demand of 100 units/month and a elasticity of demand of -4. Assuming the ice cream manufacturer discounts the price of ice cream…”

“Case study - read about every one you can. If you fail the case study the rest of the interview makes no difference at all”

“case study: credit card insurance profit per customer

cost of mailing $0.5, response rate 1%, average balance per month $1000,
insurance charges 1% of average balance monthly, customer claim…”

“the 2nd behavior interview was surprising as i dint think interviewer was serious enough. looking at my resume as someone of 10 yrs exp in IT and asking them if they ever worked in a team or…”

Data Analyst at Enova

May 22, 2012

“If you have a 5*5*5 cubic, what is the outside surface area?”

Data Analyst at Enova

May 22, 2012

“Estimate how many shoes can be sold in US in one year?”

“One of the questions from the second behavioral interviews: "Tell us about a time (job-related) when you made an unpopular decision, and despite everybody's doubts, your decision turned out to be the…”

“Anti-freeze: planning to buy a company with 12.5 in cash, 10% bonds for the remaining amount. Total worth of the company $137.5. assuming there is no discount rate. When will u break-even. And is it…”

“How do credit card companies make money from people who don't carry balances?”

“CASE: Recovering Written-off Past Due Balances
6 months past due, avg $2000 balance, 15% pay in full, profitable? If introduce settlement option for 60% of balance, 10% pay settlement but 5% of them…”

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