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“Write a code to divide two numbers without using the division and modulus operator”

“Prepare 6-7 situations for behavioral questions and be flexible if they questions is not asked in the way as you are prepared. Try to find the character they asked from your prepared examples. Cases…”

“Cap One has a clearly defined process, which they tell you up front. If you do your homework, nothing should be a surprise.”

“The time quant test. Need to use mathematical calculations along with logical rationalization. There is not enough time to complete.”

“Lots of what if questions for mental state in certain situations.”

“Case interview #1: Mail sending”

“What if we offered you lower than market rate Business Analyst?”

“A lillypad doubles in size everyday, on the 24th day it is at half size. How long does it take to get to full size?”

“No face to face contact for the hiring process”

“What do you know about Westlake Financial?”

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