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“What is something you feel is important?”

“What was something you did not like about your last job?”

“Describe your project experience.”

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“What interest did you have before being contacted by Westlake Financial Services in Auto Loans?”

“The first case was fairly straight forward:

(1) Asked to calculate bank profitability with a given interest rates on deposits, a fixed reserve ratio, an interest rate on loans and a fixed fee…”

“The second case was much more complex:

(1) Qualitatively analyze two different online application methods--their potential strengths and weaknesses.
(2) You're given values and asked to determine…”

“dialer stats on AHT time, asa”

“"What in this company interest's you."”

“A few years ago, Sprint decided that they will make phone calls from cellphone-cellphone free! There is a legend that a guy who was 20 years old by that time decided to call every single cellphone in…”

“Deep dive into your resume/history.”

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