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Aug 1, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Business Systems Analyst at Capital One:

“If you have never prepared for a Behavioral Interview you better Google it! Rather than "How would you handle a situation?" as a question. The question would be "Tell me about a dime when you had to…”

Jul 31, 2014

Interview Question for Recruiter at TMX Finance:

“The most difficult part of the interview process was the face to face with the panel.”

Jul 30, 2014

Interview Question for Distribution Manager at Navistar:

“Tell us a time when you have to get a team to buy in to your management style, how did you do it, what was the result. Every question was 4 - 5 parts.”

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Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Travel Agent at American Automobile Association (AAA):

“All of the questions were pretty straightforward. Nothing difficult or unexpected.”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Branch Manager Trainee at Mariner Finance:

“How open would you relocating to a new position?”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Store Manager at EZPAWN:

“All ordinary questions but might ask one simple 10% math question”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Relationship Banker I at BB&T:

“I don't recall a really unexpected or difficult question. All pertained to the job and basic interview questions such as: tell me about yourself, role-play phrased questions, tell me about a…”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Mortgage Banker at Quicken Loans:

“Had to do a mock sales call for a company called Quizzle.”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Business Analyst at Capital One:

“One of the cases was about a shipping company.
They asked many detailed questions(conceptual) after you solved the breakeven.
What does this graph mean?”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Project Manager at Capital One:

“The most difficult questions are typically on the electronic tests because they are very analytical and I hadn't had a similar test since I was in college, almost twenty years ago.”