Liability Claims Representative Interview Questions

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“GEICO has a 90 day review period. You cannot be more than 5 minutes late during this time or you will be terminated. Do you think you can be at work on time every morning?”

“Name a time you had to deal with an upset customer.”

“no difficult questions. Basically the usual general questions of "tell a time in your history when you had to overcome an obstacle and how you did so".”

“What did you do in a previous situation where you went above and beyond, for the customer?”

“Name a time in your past experience in which you have successfully negotiated with a customer.”

“What made you interested in applying for this position?”

“Give an example of when you were asked to achieve a challenging goal in your prior work experience? How did you achieve this goal? Give an example of ... How would you handle a customer who ... etc.”

“Behavior Based Interview questions. Prepare and be specific”

“WHY do you want to work in a call center and be tied to a phone for 7.5 hours a day? Are you ok with not moving?”

“Give an example of a situation where you were unable to complete a task, what did you do and what was the outcome?”

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