Librarian Interview Questions

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“Would you be able to serve in many other capacities over and above your official job?”

“not really a question but listening to a diatribe about current employees”

“What would cause you to have a bad day at work?”

“Our student body is quite diverse in its makeup. How would you or do you handle diversity?”

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“Expect these questions: 1) The deputy mayor visits your branch, and observes a patron watching porn on a library computer. S/he wants this activity stopped. How do you handle it. (n.b. internet…”

“Why do you want to work for the library, Tell me about yourself, strengths/weakness.”

“Can you help me with a certain part on a computer program?”

“How many days a year are you sick?”

“"What steps would you take if someone came to the reference desk wanting to know what material was on the outside of a tennis ball?"”

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