Librarian Interview Questions

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“How would you handle bibliographic instruction for a course?”

“While I felt none of the questions were too difficult for me to answer, I can share a couple: A patron is not able to print from their computer in the computer lab; how would you address this issue?”

“Candidates had responded to an ad for a full time position and only found out after several hours of interviewing that it was actually a part time position.”

“What skills or strengths would you bring to this position?”

“What do you dislike about your current job?”

“On a scale from one to ten rate yourself with these traits. Example, "Liked by people", "visionary".....etc...”

“Do you have experience with cataloging?”

“Tell us about a time when you received great customer service.”

“It was not a real interview. The lady talked to me about her family life and her feelings about the job.”

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