Licensing Interview Questions

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“The interviewer took me into the lobby of the bank and had me introduce myself to a customer and bring the customer over to a banker who could help him.”

“I have to say that none of the questions were difficult it was the very informal atmosphere, it made it hard to concentrate. We were in the office, a very small office, really it was a loset with…”

“If you saw a co-worker doing something wrong, something that you knew was against policy and ethics, what would you do.”

“Tell us how you will revive a disinterested market and get investment sales.”

“In your opinion what would be your strengths and weaknesses.”

“Describe a time when you had to convince your boss of a wrong direction they were taking.”

“What was my preferred modality.
How many massages could I do back to back”

“As abeginning nurse, no real technical questions. Reliability, and availability was important to the interview process.”

“What do you think a personal banker does?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

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