Licensing Specialist Interview Questions

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“How would you sell me an appointment to come talk about a money market account?”

“Name a time when you failed to complete a task, and what you did as a result.”

“You have to answer 50 assessment questions in 15 mins. Which means in order to complete the test you have to answer the questions in 30 seconds. However, I believe they're seeing how well you do…”

“How do you handle conflict with co-workers? How well do you take constructive criticism?”

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“What would be your ideal career?”

“Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you handled it.”

“There were no difficult questions. It did not feel like an interview.”

“It's been too long - I am not sure.”

“Tell me a little about your work experience.”

“What type of numbers have you specifically obtained with your previous employer.”

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