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“How many hospital beds are in the U.S.? Not that you've estimated it one way, how else could you estimate it?”

“How many peple at the top of my mind would I be able to write policies on?”

“A pharmaceutical company with no R&D labs has a new product for post-surgical treatment with solid revenue projections. The company would like to grow, but not so quickly that it would become an...”

“How would you segment and analyze the market for synthetic human blood?”

“How many cars cross the Brooklyn Bridge per day? per hour? per lane?”

“On your way in, what did you notice about our office? What does this tell you about how we work?”

“Do you have a dependable vehicle to get to sales appointments?”

“The case was not particularly difficult but during the presentation the senior staff will ask lots of tough questions and put you on the spot. For example, they asked me how much my case solution...”

“Were most concerned with my pre-professional job history.”

“If we were to highlight your resume on the megatrons what would they say about you?”

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