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“How are you qualified, and what can you bring to the table upon employment?”

“If you could be a candy bar, which one would you be?”

“Could you get fired if you choke up during a real save?”

“There were no technical questions. I was asked how competitive I was and how much money I wanted to make.”

“5 people who all have the same question sheet and go around the room reading questions from the sheet. Was asked how I handled ambiguous situations and conflict among dorm residents. Interview…”

“How do you cope with all the changes in CMS?”

“Help a company decide whether to invest in a generator for the building's energy needs.”

“A drug company needs to decide which of two illnesses to target a drug.”

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“Estimate the market for bike helmets”

“Very vague questions over the phone so it was hard to answer because there are so many possible answes”

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