Life Specialist Interview Questions

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“Do you prefer American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?”

“Do you prefer whipped or butter cream icing?”

“If you could be a candy bar, which one would you be?”

“What do you do with a volunteer who is exceeding all goals and expectations?”

“How many hospital beds are in the U.S.? Not that you've estimated it one way, how else could you estimate it?”

“Help a company decide whether to invest in a generator for the building's energy needs.”

“A drug company needs to decide which of two illnesses to target a drug.”

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“Estimate the market for bike helmets”

“A pharmaceutical company with no R&D labs has a new product for post-surgical treatment with solid revenue projections. The company would like to grow, but not so quickly that it would become an...”

“The interviewers really tried to ask questions to not only gauge your skills, but your personality as well. They emphasized the importance of team dynamics to ensure that they hire someone who will...”

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