Lifeguard Interview Questions

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“How would you respond to a frantic child, screaming at you to help them find their parents?”

Lifeguard at Pro Pool

Mar 27, 2014

“Will you be available to work various hours of the day?”

“Pretty straightforward interview. Disney is a highly conservative company, so they appreciate business attire (this means suits for both genders) and a professional attitude.”

“Questions may be situational, ex: "What would you do if you found a patron lying in the restroom seemingly unconscious?" or, "How would you react if there was a disturbance between patrons on the…”

“what would you do if a sceaming guest came up to you”

“If a patron is not satisfied, or a child is disobedient, what will you do to resolve the problem without causing further issue?”

“What do you do if the guest argues with the rules of the water park after you tell him?”

“What kind of shoe would you be?”

“what is more dangerous, a hangnail or deep cut”

“What would you say to a guest who wishes to grab your attention while on stand.”

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