Linux Systems Engineer Interview Questions

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“You have a server that can pull data from the outside world, but not receive it. What do you do?”

“How could you transfer chunks of files (>1TB) over network and how would you design a solution ?”

“What's the worst thing you eer broke and how did you cover it up?”

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“How to get CPU usage for processes without using top command How to get the second field in a csv file with awk How to write a for loop in bash Etc”

“"What has been your most rewarding customer service experience?"”

“The toughest question was a troubleshooting scenario that involved an improperly provisioned machine that had been shut off a few years ago and was accidentally powered on, breaking an application's...”

“Questions revolving around the config management tool puppet.”

“How can you configure puppet automation to have separate environments for its modules? ( I.E. DEV/QA/PROD )”

“What is difference between Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization tool and VMWare”

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