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Loader at UPS

Oct 21, 2013

“Actually no difficulty questions were presented”

“There were no difficult questions!”

“Questions were remedial but when dealing with under pressure, they could allow you to slip up. questions were asked over again 2-3 times to see if you answer the same.”

“They did not ask me a lot of hard or unexpected questions.”

Loader at UPS

Feb 19, 2013

“There were no difficult questions. Questions ask were in nature of, if you were capable of lifting at least 70lbs, endure long hours, or stand for extended periods of times.”

“What is your biggest weakness.”

“all the questions were pretty seem the test was easy in a way but there were some odd questions such as do i watch football when i responded no he ask if i wasnt a team player then”

“Some of the tests are tedious.”

Loader at Lowe's

Feb 10, 2010

“Name one time you made a mistake at work and tell me how you dealt with that mistake?”

Loader at UPS

Apr 28, 2010

“Will you be able to handle the expected workload?”

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