Logic Interview Questions

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Software Lead at Itron

Dec 10, 2011

“How is storing electricity different from storing natural gas or water? How would you, as a smart metering vendor, prepare for disruption in service?”

“Tell me about a time when you saw someone do something wrong and what did you do?”

“Estimate the amount of money the US spends on gasoline.”

“What would I bring to the company and how would patients notice that I brought it?”

“Please describe the 'diamond problem' with regards to multiple inheritance in object oriented programming.”

“The aptitude test was timed and requires actual work/ thinking.”

“Mentally draw two lines from the endpoints of the diameter of a circle to any point on the circumference. Can you prove that the angle with vertex on the circumference will always be a right angle…”

“why should we hire you”

“Using only NAND gate to design some logic”

“Who should they hire if they find equally qualified person as me but can join the company much sooner than me ?”

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