Logic Interview Questions

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Software Lead at Itron

Dec 10, 2011

“How is storing electricity different from storing natural gas or water? How would you, as a smart metering vendor, prepare for disruption in service?”

“Tell me about a time when you saw someone do something wrong and what did you do?”

“Estimate the amount of money the US spends on gasoline.”

“What would I bring to the company and how would patients notice that I brought it?”

“Please describe the 'diamond problem' with regards to multiple inheritance in object oriented programming.”

“The aptitude test was timed and requires actual work/ thinking.”

“Mentally draw two lines from the endpoints of the diameter of a circle to any point on the circumference. Can you prove that the angle with vertex on the circumference will always be a right angle...”

“why should we hire you”

“Using only NAND gate to design some logic”

“Tell me about TCP/IP.”

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