Logistics Associate Interview Questions

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“I had what they were looking for dealing with shipping with all this companies and sending items across the world”

“Who do you think are our competitors?”

“What is a recent fashion trend that you think will catch on?”

“What inspires you to apply your work ethic each day at work to various projects?”

“can you lift 30-50lbs?”

“Tell me how do you achieve your assignment.”

“I had hypothetical case questions in all three stages of my interview, and the questions were very tied to the actual content of the role. I wasn't expecting a case question in my phone screen, as I…”

“Can you stand on your feet for long hours?”

“What did you accomplish at your last job?”

“Tell me about a time when you didn't practice what you preached.

Tell me about a time when a deadline for a project was suddenly moved up. How did you deal with it and what was the result…”

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