Logistics Manager Interview Questions

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“It was a pretty unorganized interview and the questions were not very engaging. There were not any questions that really stood our as difficult or unexpected.”

“If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?”

“Let's throw a dose of reality in now:

If you could only allocate drivers on a minimum 8-hour shift basis and you could increase hourly drivers by 20% over the supply listed, how would that change…”

“Whether I saw myself as a profession student because I was seeking my doctoral degree.”

“Could you send someone into a situation knowing that they might not make it back”

“What times of the year do you think it's especially hard to get driver supply out?”

“What specific market areas would you recommend our products could service.”

“How would you handle a difficult fellow employee?”

“Always something dealing with people in scenario based interviews.”

“How much would I like to be paid.”

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