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“Tell me about a time you were given multiple projects that were a priority....?”

“What makes you think you are capable of the physical requirements and work intensity of this job?”

“Are you available for the shift times?”

“Once again, I did not have to interview for this position, I work for a Temp service. The temp service called asked me to do a background check and drug test. The results of both came back and I went…”

“What do you know about the company?”

“Do you have 45,000.00 to buy a truck?”

“Would you need to focus on [X country] to be the #1 in this market sector?”

“What do prefer for a work environment?”

“Questions did not seem to fit position. Time restrictions, The mutual questions/answers reviewing 27 year career in HRM and my perception of the discussion limited that information. The discussion…”

“Can you read a map”

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