Loss Prevention Interview Questions

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“Why should we pick you to join owr team? What makes you so special?”

“Biggest weakness”

“Questions were not difficult but the whole interview atmosphere was so bizarre. The female was a bit overbearing & the male had a personality like a used car dealer.”

“Actually were some statements made by the interviewer regarding his obvious racism, although right after that statement, he said he was only kidding. Not the type of statement to make to anyone in a…”

“He asked how old I was????”

“there were no questions aside from availability and if i shop at century21”

“There is a computer text involving a section where it has to do with numbers, sales, profit, Margin. This was also supposed to be timed but the you can still keep answering question even though time…”

“A manager has just observed a costumer shoplifting but you didn't see them do it so what is your role in this situation ?”

“No difficult questions. Supervisors work off a generic script with situational based questions.”

“No difficult questions...all standard across the board.”

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