Loss Prevention Interview Questions

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“One of them had to do with how I would handle a booster group if I thought one of the suspects had a weapon.”

“How do you feel about sitting in a coffee shop all day in an attempt to catch employees stealing money and giving away free stuff.”

“tell me of a time where you had to go above your direct managers head in order to fix a problem”

“If you were told by an employee that they suspected another employee of stealing, how would you respond?”

“When does the company lose more? Taking home a pen or stealing an iPod”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“What would you do if a store associate approached you and informed you that they just witnessed a customer conceal an expensive item into their coat pocket?”

“What research about the field of Loss Prevention have you done prior to this interview?”

“How do you make a peanut and butter jelly sandwhich”

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