Loss Prevention Manager Interview Questions

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“How would you respond to an associate who broke company policy.”

“What was my strategy to hire new personnel onto my perspective team. With my previous company all interviews were set up by Human Resources and sent to us to interview. We were not permitted to get…”

“The obvious but always most important: "Tell me about a time you made a mistake and what did you do?"”

“Actually were some statements made by the interviewer regarding his obvious racism, although right after that statement, he said he was only kidding. Not the type of statement to make to anyone in a…”

“If a customer returned a Dyson Vacuum that was damaged, and while doing your damaged audit discovered that it was fully functional, would you go ahead and damage it out and throw it away since it had…”

“None were difficult or unexpected. They were all typical”

“are you comfortable working around caucasion people”

“Why so many jobs? Just explaining each Job”

“When was a time where you had to crunch numbers?”

“There is a computer text involving a section where it has to do with numbers, sales, profit, Margin. This was also supposed to be timed but the you can still keep answering question even though time…”

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