M&A Analyst Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work at Guggenheim vs another elite firm like Goldman Sachs? (this was very hard to support)”

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“Would you rather be involved in sales or trading or investment banking? What are the differences?”

“walk me through your resume, dcf walk through, standard accounting questions”

“Nothing difficult really. Research was straightforward. They gave 3 industries and I had to decide which one was best, find some companies that were "the best" and present on why we should approach...”

“What is .1 percent of 100,000,000 or something like that. I answered it right but the interviewer said I was wrong, almost got into a debate with him about it but decided against it. Didn't want to...”

“there's a small case about how to investigate the technology companies in India.”

“Do you think social media companies are acurately valued?”

“1.) Why do you want to work in healthcare? 2.) Why do you want to work at this company? 3.) Please tell me how you prioritize your assignments? 4.) How do you handle multiple simultaneous deadlines...”

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