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Macys Interview Questions

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“Explain the reason for your time lapse in jobs.”

“Rather than asking me to answer questions about my experience and knowledge, I was asked a lot of "what if" and "How would you..." questions. I had a hard time answering as some scenarios seemed so…”

“How would you sell your outfit to a customer?”

“Explain to me a time where you had to do something out of the ordinary that ended with good results?”

“Lets say you have a line of customers and a phone call comes in. Who do you take care of first and why?”

“What would you do if you seen someone stealing money?”

“How do you feel about applying products to customer's hands or face?”

“How would you react if you did a great job and noone praised you?”

“Interview was very generic. The interviewer read the questions straight off of the paper. She never inquired about my resume.”

“How do I do my research for current trends in the cosmetics industry?”

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