Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions

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“How do you terminate an analog video signal.”

“on call at night and emergency work such as water leak heaters electrical trouble shootings and more”

“Why you want to work here”

“None really they did ask me a question in the planner interview about what my worst down fall is and what is your best at.”

“What is an interference fit? How would you design one?”

“The interview was more about my resumes experiences so, no difficult questions.”

“Are you available to empty the trash cans while doing your job as Engineer?”

“Very detailed and through on resume, process was well worth it. Campus was large and organized felt comfortable,safe and at home. Very nice engineers and HR manager was a pleasure! Had a great time…”

“What is your most valuable strength and when was an important use of that strength?
What is your biggest weakness and when did you encounter problems it created for you?”

“There are just many detailed technical questions in regard to the field of video production. It was hard to prepare for some of them, which those that work in the department don't even know.”

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