Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions

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“Describe a time in which you had difficulties leading with a person.”

“N/A. The questions were all relevant and even the "hard" ones weren't that hard.”

“There were some aspects pertaining to particular operating procedures related to a newsroom that I was not entirely familiar with.”

“Nothing was truly unexpected but you need to be honest in all of your responses, even if it might seem potentially negative at the time.”

“What you can do to be better in the position you're applying for?”

“Operations really wanted to know how I discipline people. Not how I problem solve, build teams, get the most out my people...nope, just about discipline. After spending too much time on the topic…”

“What is your short terms goals?”

“most difficult part of the interview was the complete lack of organization and interviewing skills.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, standard and behavioral questions.”

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