Maintenance Technician Interview Questions

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“Why should I work here?”

“If I was capable of working with Gas/ HVAC? If I was HVAC certified?”

“Why was I leaving the Electrical field?”

“if I am team player and be able to tackle the problem promptly.”

“I haven't completed the process yet so I'm going to fill this in once I've either been hired or rejected.”

“I was at the South Campus for almost 10 years when the other mechanic who had been there for 26 years had a terrible stroke and is not able to work now. I had to take care of the building for...”

“Why my previous skills would make me a good fit for the position.”

“Although the skills test covered a broad range of skills, some of which were unrelated or very specific to certain operating procedures, it was understood by the interviewer and discussed fully and...”

“How will you cope with and handle being away from home for 14 days and in an offshore -Gulf of Mexico oil & gas platform environmant?”

“Maintaining standards that seem to be enforced only when they needed a move.”

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