Makeup Artist Interview Questions

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“What would you do if I were to pair you up to work on a project with a coworker whom you didn't like?”

“They just want to know what you know about their brand, nothing too difficult. I think the hardest part might be the makeup interview. They throw you a random scenario and you have a time limit to do…”

“There was nothing specifically abnormal or difficult.”

“Why would I want to work for MAC?”

“The most unexpected thing I was asked was if I could begin training the next day. Other than that it was a very standard and casual interview.”

“"What do you feel separates sephora from its "competitors"?”

“Give me a time when your manager expressed disastisfaction with your work performance.”

“What do you think you could bring to the team?”

“what would i do if i caught a fellow employee stealing products?”

“How available I was to work any hours, weekends, and holidays?”

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