Management Analyst Interview Questions

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“Tell me about the different asset classes that we, at Hall Capital Partners, invest in? Tell me what Hall Capital Partners does?”

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“Who is Frontiers biggest competitor?”

“How many quarters would it take to reach the high of the empire state building?”

“Is it ethical to charge $2,000 for a last-minute booking plane ticket?”

“Calculate the following: Net Sale Proceeds at year 5, leveraged IRR, IRR, average debt service coverage ratio over the 5 year holding period.

Create a two variable table showing the different…”

“Modeling Question:
Canyon is being presented the opportunity to acquire a 247,000 SF industrial building in LA leased to a single tenant that occupies 85% of the 235,000 SF rentable space. Rents…”

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“How would you maintain profitability at a top end. How would you maintain profitability for your company at a low end?”

“How many ties are there in the United States?”

“Have you learned more from a good manager or a bad manager?”

“What factors would you consider when consolidating numerous finance branch offices into a single location?”

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