Management Consultant Associate Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work for Booz Allen?”

“Share a time when you had to convince someone.”

“The case used the iPad and made the exhibits interactive. It was very interesting, but it threw me for a loop, because of the way that the information was laid out.”

“Paradoxically, the most difficult case for me was one which related to my own background (manufacturing) - because I felt so familiar with the context, I did not lay it the process out as clearly as...”

“They definitely throw out some hard "what if" questions. The one that sticks out in my mind involved a 4 way stoplight and measuring how many times a day a red light flashes. There is no right...”

“Knowing marginal revenue and cost curves helped.”

“All behavioral; no technical case questions. Did hear rumors that case studies would start being implemented into associate-level interviews in the near future.”

“If you could pick an ideal consulting engagement, what would it be?”

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