Management Consultant Interview Questions

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“"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"”

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“Situational questions and assessment of maturity/seniority. Questions on how I dealt with project members who did not pull their weight.”

“Which is the heaviest of seven marbles. You have a scale.”

“Tell me something that is not on your resume that is useful to us.”

“An ill-administered, informal DISC evaluation with questions leading toward a seemingly anticipated profile result of a S.”

“detailed resume screen”

“generic questions: strengths, weaknesses, succession plans, motivations etc.”

“tell me about a time when you...problem sovling, managing conflict, prioritizing/work management, energy/stamina/initiative and one other I can't remember”

“It was very informal. I love it. Great setting and persona. They were less concerned about experience and I was judged more on my character and enthusiasm. They can train anyone but they are more...”

“The role has been open for several months and has now been reposted. On the panel interview, the hiring manager who is has the sole change management role, mentioned that customer needs within her...”

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