Management Consulting Analyst Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work here?”

“What factors would you consider when consolidating numerous finance branch offices into a single location?”

“Think of a time where you faced difficulties in a group project and how did you overcome it?”

“Nothing crazy - cases were not as hard as expected. One was M&A, one was related to risk management and final was related to pricing in healthcare industry. All interviewers were friendly and patient…”

“How would you fix the U.S. Postal Service?”

“Cant remember specifics, but it was behavioral. Something technical, but I didnt have exact experience so I told her that. Advice: If you dont have exact experience, walk them through your logical…”

“Are you married? Interviewer (who was a manager, not a recruiter) asked by mistake, then said "oops, I didn't mean as an interview question!" and moved on.”

“Suppose your client was a water company. They've experienced a backlog of people in their call center and haven't been able to tend to their problems in a timely manner. Currently, each caller needs…”

“Describe a situation where you improved a process which greatly contributed to the performance of your organization?”

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