Management Development Program Interview Questions

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“After using information from the assessments I took online, they determined questions to ask like: are you more comfortable in a fast paced or slow paced environment?”

“Tell me about what you're studying.”

“What three words would your friends describe you as?”

“Standard behavioral questions. Google a list of behavior questions; they asked some form of that.”

“Can you leave this office and bring someone out in the store, into the office, and have them open an account?”

“What is something different about our bank (i.e.-what it is that M&T Bank does that is different than others)”

“What was your most and least favorite job and why? What can you bring to this position that no one else can?”

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“Describe a time where you provided excellent customer service.”

“I was surprised the interviewer did not review my materials. To me this meant she was not serious about our interview. It was difficult to proceed after that moment”

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