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“Say DAU is increasing but MAU are decreasing (over 3 months period), how would you approach this problem and what data sets would you work with?”

“what is your approach to business development in b2b environment? would you use networking?”

“How important is safety to you?”

“Why do you want to work for Enterprise at this point in your career? (I was changing careers)”

“How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world”

“Describe the five step processes used to stage gate project management activities.”

“This isnt a question, but more about what happened. I get there and the hiring manager was this short and creepy man who was hitting on me THE ENTIRE TIME.

He wanted to know if I had a…”

“If you had to recommend me a stock, which one would you choose and why?”

“You have a customer scheduled, when they arrive the car they requested is not available, how do you handle the situation?”

“flip a fair coin, what is the expected number of times one need to flip to get two consecutive head.”

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