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“You have a customer scheduled, when they arrive the car they requested is not available, how do you handle the situation?”

“flip a fair coin, what is the expected number of times one need to flip to get two consecutive head.”

“The main interviewer kept asking, "DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR ME?"”

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“Please tell me you weekness”

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“yes you an honest person rate your self 1 to ten”

“Without even knowing he said, I don't think you can do it and in no seconds asked if I give you the job, how early can you do? Tomorrow!”

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“What would you do in your first six months on the job?”

“tell me of an example of a time when you had tension or a conflict with another employee”

“What are good characteristic salesperson?”

“none - this was a very simple interview to verify my skills and experience for the position”

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