Management Summer Interview Questions

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“The easy questions were everything from, "tell me about a time you had to be a leader" to harder ones like a scenario where "you have a client that wants to invest $10 million dollars how do you...”

“What are you passionate about? Why do you want to work here?”

“The questions were (intentionally) vague. Most were centered around scenarios where you had to solve a customer problem, but had to probe for information. Example: A customer comes to you and says...”

“What is a yield curve? Under what circumstances would this curve be inverted?”

“What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card? Which card realizes losses faster in a poor economy?”

“Time You had to work with difficult technology. What did you do?”

“What are you thinking about right now?”

“For the on campus interview it was: "What global trends influence our business most?"”

“Share a time when you had to convince someone.”

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