Manager Business Development Interview Questions

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“What's your schedule like?”

“Why are you leaving your current position or company? Why are you interested in IBM and specifically this position? Why do you think you will be successful and happy in this company and position?

“Tell me about the last time you bought a car”

“How many golf balls fit in a cube?”

“They always ask different questions but they usual tell me about your self or what makes you so good kind of thing.”

“Tell me about a time when you had to handle a conflicting situation.”

“How to handle customers in a difficult situation.”

“What markets do you think Cisco should get into and why?”

“Why do you want this type of position?”

“What are the key verticals that Tencent should address? What are the benefits for the consumers and the businesses? How would you approach this partner? What are other monetization models that…”

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