Manager Consulting Services Interview Questions

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“Case study involving time prioritization and problem solving.”

“The most difficult question was asked during the behavioral interview. I was asked to do some estimates blindly. Practice with the "Brain Teaser" section of the Vault prep books will help master...”

“What, specifically, is frustrating about your current job, and how do you manage it?”

“Please choose one of our services or products and demonstrate your ability to sell it to a client.”

“Honestly, if you can read, write and have a college degree you can get a job here. Not sure if a college degree does is a requirement because some senior leadership does not have college degrees.”

“Online assessment: - Start with the speed section, because your eyes will be so tired by the end of the test. The questions were really easy, but have a calculator handy. ( I only got through...”

“What makes you relatable to clients?”

“How do you handle things with a client when everything goes wrong?”

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