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“A IQ question: I have 9 coins and 8 have the same weight and the last one is heavier. I also have a balance beam to weigh the coins with. I can only use the balance beam 2 times to find the heavier…”

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“You have a program with something or component that fails 1 week before launch. What do you do?”

“What can be improved in op amps to further increase their performance?”

“You have no extra time and no extra resources but is asked by the CEO to add 20 extra features, what do you do?”

“How would you improve software design tools to make it easier for FPGA developers to realize their designs faster?”

“How do would you handle a totally demoralized team and bring them back?”

“Be prepared for the behavioral questions involving ethics and diversity. Have a story ready to go with how you overcame diversity or were faced with an ethical dilemma.”

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“What would you do if your coworker anounced two days before launch that they were not going to deliver and in fact had not been working on their deliverables as previously stated in prior meetings.”

“Are you familiar with Tekno Telekom (propietary equipment)? I was not, but had enough background that Syniverse accepted my application.”

“Are you comfortable with this level of pay cut?”

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