Manager In Training Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you experienced a conflict within the workplace with a boss/supervisor and how did you resolve it?”

“Describe how you motivate others”

“Talk about a time in your life you interacted with a customer in a negative way”

“Offered a cashier's position to me b/c he didn't know me and wanted to see how I work B 4 promoting me. My resume and experience didn't matter. They offer insurance but do not pay for any of it…”

“What kind of future do I want with the company?”

“Describe a time when you were forced to make a compromising decision (ethics).”

“Which major technology company had the big earnings miss last week?”

“I was asked if their location (Sandy, UT) was an issue. I was asked some scenario questions as the standard phone interview would entail.”

“Basic questions of why I'm looking for employment, what I wanted from the role posted and what skills sets I had to bring.”

“Why was I leaving the company I said I liked so much.”

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