Manager Infrastructure Interview Questions

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“The interview was very much more personality oriented that technical. The focus was on fitting in to the culture. Their biggest concern was how I had handled firing someone in the past.”

“What type of infrastructure projects have you worked with the past?”

“Describe your experience with virtualization.”

“Have you ever managed teams that included members from other countries?”

“They asked me not to disclose specific questions, which I will respect. Remember situation-action-result structure for every answer; don't give opinions or expect much discussion. Questions…”

“Interview started 20 minutes late (okay, things happen, I'm flexible).

Neither interviewer (2) seemed prepared, only asked very basic questions: what are some of the lessons learned? Name a…”

“Paraphrasing: "You realize there are a lot of women here, do you have any problem with that"?”

“How long have you been managingvinfrastructure projects?”

“Fairly typical experience and behavioral interview questions and scenarios.”

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