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“design an algorithm to find every word in a 4*4 box (like words with friends)”

“Unexpected: where do u see your self 20 (yes.20) years down the road and what have you planned for that?”

“Just stupid behavior questions. They should only hire directly sales people because about all the questions are based on sales rather than individual. Some individuals just excel period. No...”

“Design a tablet app I would use in the kitchen.”

“Describe in as much detail as possible what happens between when a user submits a URL to a web browser and that page is displayed.”

“Design a GPS system for 16 year olds.”

“Business Model: 1) Launch (how would you launch a grocery business at Amazon?) 2) Growth (what’s the best business model for streaming video?) 3) Pricing (what is the optimal price for the...”

“Out of the box questions: I was asked to make a calendar out of 2 6 sided cubes. *Advice, Think as out of the box as possible, walk them through your ideas and solutions, draw pictures if possible...”

“We spent about 15 minutes discussing how Google would design and market an Android phone in Nigeria”

“Tell me about a time you observed a trend in the market and used that information to make a business decision.”

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