Manager Interview Questions

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“Find the largest possible difference in an array of integers, such that the smaller integer occurs earlier in the array.”

“Interview was very generic. The interviewer read the questions straight off of the paper. She never inquired about my resume.”

“What are your weaknesses?”

Sales at 5 North

Mar 10, 2013

“The most difficult part of the interview for me was when they asked me about why I left my previous position.”

IT Manager at PETA

Jul 18, 2011

“Have you ever had a project that failed?”

“There was no difficult question. The person that I met with told me she was uncomfortable doing this by herself and read standard questions from a piece of a paper. It was a waste of time,as I was…”

“Would you be comfortable just being a programmer?”

“The question about my experience level for the position was a little difficult for me to answer.”

“No questions asked. Sr. Manager was taking a con call with their partner and interviewing me at the same time. Weird.”

“I was asked if I had a background in Unix, Java or IBM Rational tools. I told them yes to the Unix and IBM Rational questions and gave examples of my background.”

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